Terra Cotta Warriors III

Terra Cotta Warriors III - Xian , China

Downplayed by the guidebook the city of Xian was a treat. A combination of great tourist sites like the Terra Cotta Warriors and an interestng cityscape (the inner city is walled in with a moat around it) made us sad to leave after only two days.

Some of the photographs in this gallery are available in the coffee table book, "Two Feet Travels," which is a collection of Jeff Salvage's greatest work.

Yangshuo Early Morning Life Rice Harvest Near Yangshou Impressions Sanjie Pagodas at Night The World Famous Dr. Ho The World Famous Dr. Ho II Baisha Dusting Girl Baisha Pattycake
Lijiang Water Wheels at Night Lijiang Water Wheels at Night II Lijiang Water Wheels at Night III Terra Cotta Warriors Terra Cotta Warriors II Terra Cotta Warriors III Summer Palace Statue Summer Palace Barge
Fountains of Fun Panda Roll Panda Stare Hiking the Great Wall Grand Palace - Bangkok Praying at the Grand Palace - Bangkok Erwy - Zoo - Bangkok Chugging in the Heat - Monkeys at Lot Buri
Disrespecting Buhda - Monkeys at Lot Buri Fallen Head of a Buddha in Banyan Vines Buddha at Ayuthaya Get Out of My Way I Don't Drive With My Horn - Floating Market A Rose is a Rose A Little Something From the Hill People? Hey Mom - It's Cold Out There Long Boats
James Bond Island His Hawk has Nothing on my Chicken My Hawk Kicks Ass Two Boats Sharing a Moment Longboats by Sea Simply Beautiful And He's Looking at the Change? Speechless
Speechless II Check Out My Legs My Legs Aren't Bad Either Can't Have a Thailand Photo Show Without a Lotus Mountaintop Pagoda II So Many Buddhas Close-up of the Largest Pile of Rocks Big Bell, Little Girl
Two Ox Power Cart in Action I Temple and Rock Pile Slinky, Slinky, It's a Wonderful Toy Be Glad We Have a Gas Furnace This was an Easy One The Last Village Smokey Morning Lonely Hiker
Ahhhh, River Water Anyone Need More Shingles Hi There Stitch in Time Smiling Jug Almost Done How Does this Work? Flying Rice
Back Across the Bridge of Death Pooped Out Shay Gi Karate Time VIII Ahhhhh The Snake not the Car Show Off What in the World II Pity

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