Mountain in the Clouds<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania

Mountain in the Clouds
Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania

The sky changed quickly on Kilimanjaro. One minute Kilimanjaro was hidden in the clouds and the next it pops out for a visit.

All the photographs in this gallery are available in the coffee table book, "Two Feet In Africa".

Through the Gate<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Lone Tent<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Music in the Mountains<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Tent with a View<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Mountain in the Clouds<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Mount Meru<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Africa's Highest Mountain<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Dissappearing Glacier<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania
Sunrise on the top of Africa<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Souvenirs of Kilimanjaro<BR>Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Ear Scratching<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Sole Monkey<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Song of Manyara<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Spoonbills of Manyara<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Big Fellows<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Pelicans by the Lake<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania
Birds of a Feather<BR>Lake Manyara, Tanzania Brothers on the Hunt<BR>Ndutu, Tanzania Cheetahs Shower Time<BR>Ndutu, Tanzania Cheetahs Relaxing After a Meal<BR>Ndutu, Tanzania Cheetahs Relaxing in the Sun<BR>Ndutu, Tanzania King of the Jungle or at Least the Serengeti<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Rare Puma Treat<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Breakfast Visitors<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania
Sunrise in the Serengeti<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Scary Perch<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Not so Friendly Hippo<<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Flamingo Resort<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania High Flying Kite<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Ngorongoro Standoff<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Sole Ostrich<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania King of Ngorongoro<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Sole Maasai<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Maasai Village<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Maasai Woman<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Maasai Boy<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Open Wide<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Open Wide II<BR>Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Sole Charging Zebra<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Migration of the Wildebeests<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania
All out Migration<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Alpha Male<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Tug of War<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Watching the Sunset<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Family Affair<BR>Serengeti, Tanzania Trunk Display<BR>Tarangire, Tanzania Out For a Stroll<BR>Tarangire, Tanzania Sunrise Silhouette<BR>Tarangire, Tanzania

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